Prayer – More than anything, we need your prayers. Pray for this ministry and the women who come through our doors, seeking our help. Also be in prayer to see how God wants to use you for this ministry

Donate – Your financial contribution allows women the opportunity to rebuild their lives and heal from the trauma they have experienced. We could not do this work without your continued support! We are so grateful, and when our clients realize that their community who they have never met are willing to invest in their wellbeing and happiness, it gives them so much hope. We are currently raising money to help the women at no cost to them and to go towards a future facility. Finally, we will offer transportation services to and from appointments.

  • If you have bags of women’s clothing sitting around waiting to be taken to the Goodwill, we would love for you to donate them to us. We want to provide women the opportunity for clothing especially if they have a job interview; making sure they are clothed appropriately so that they can begin making a difference in their future
  • Baby necessities are also needed for the teen moms and adult moms who come in for our assistance. Diapers of all brands and sizes, wipes, bottles, baby clothing, pacifiers.

Counseling – We would like to offer counseling services to these women at no cost to them. Your donations will go towards getting them the help they need to begin healing.

Volunteer – Please be in prayer over where and how God would like you to serve. Below are the following areas we need volunteers. If you’re interested in one or more of these volunteer opportunities, please click on Volunteer Application and fill it out.

  • Support Group Leaders
  • Community Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Communication
  • Collecting Donations
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